Serenade Wind Band

Serenade Wind Band

Ragtime, Dixieland, twenty’s band, marches, polkas, show tunes and classical favorites are all part of the repertoire of the truly versatile Serenade Wind Band (woodwinds, trumpet, trombone, tuba and drums make up the instrumentation). Whether you want concert band music, a Dixieland revival, or German music for your Oktoberfest this group, though compact, can perform them all with a big and exciting sound! Picnics, corporate functions and other parties all make good settings for this ensemble.
Basin Street Blues (American Dixieland)
Bandura (Ukranian Dance)
Beer Barrel Polka (Czechoslovakian polka)
Bill Bailey (American Dixieland)
Clarinet Polka (traditional polka favorite)
Come Back To Sorrento (Italian Waltz Serenade)
Cordova (Spanish march by J. Alvarado)
Edelweiss (by R. Rogers from The Sound of Music)
Elite Syncopations (American rag by S. Joplin)
The Entertainer (American rag by Scott Joplin)
Finale (from the William Tell Overture by Rossini)
Granada (Spanish March by Jean Corbin)
Gypsy Folk Dance (Spanish by Navarre)
Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän! (German March)
Jetzt Tanz’ Ma (arrangement of various German Waltz favorites)
Kornblumenblau (German Waltz)
Habanara (from Carmen by Bizet)
Hi-le-Hi-lo (German-American Waltz)
Italian Waltz Medley (consists of: “Ciribiribin”, “O’Marie” & “O Sole Mio”)
King Cotton (American march by J. P. Sousa)
La Rose (Spanish Serenade by Pedro Pantz)
Lazy River (American Dixieland)
Liberty Bell (American march by J. P. Sousa)
Livery Stable Blues (American Dixieland)
Pennsylvania Polka (American Polka)
The Pirates (Spanish march by Don Morales)
Royal Garden Blues (American Dixieland)
Saint James Infirmary (American Dixieland)
Semper Fidelis (American march by J. P. Sousa)
Solace (Mexican Serenade by S. Joplin)
Stars and Stripes Forever (American march by J. P. Sousa)
Sternpolka (German polka)
Tarantella-Napolitana (Italian tarantella)
That’s A Plenty (American Dixieland)
The Thunderer (American march by J. P. Sousa)
Toreadore Song (from Carmen by Bizet)
The Volga Boatman Polka (polka based on a familiar Russian folksong)
Washington Post (American march by J. P. Sousa)
When The Saints Go Marching In (American Dixieland)

Selected German Repertoire

An Maxl Seiner (Boarischer) Comp. & Arr. by H. Ferstl
Bayerischer Bauer (Zwiefacher) Volksweise/Arr. by H. Ferstl
Das “Humbta Tätärä” (Marschfox) Comp. by T. Hämmerle/Arr. by G. Bauer
Das Kannst Du Nicht Ahnen.. (Walzerlied) Comp. by Berbuer/Arr. by G Bauer
Der Schönste Platz (Walzerlied) Comp. by T. Steingass/Arr. by G. Bauer
Du Alter Räuber (Walzerlied) Comp. by K. Urban/Arr. by G. Bauer
Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein (Walzerlied) Comp. by H. Otten/Arr. by G. Bauer
Ein Biss’chen Blau… (Letkiss Fox) Comp. by W. Quanz/Arr. by G. Bauer
Eine Seefahrt Die Ist Lustig… (Marsch) Comp. & Arr. by P. Meinhold
Einmal Am Rhein… (Walzerlied) Comp. by W. Ostermann/Arr. by G. Bauer
Fahr Mich In Die Ferne… (Walzerlied) Comp. by J. Pfeil/Arr. by G. Bauer
Galopp Volksweise/Arr. by H. Ferstl
Geburtstagswalzer Comp. & Arr. by H. Ferstl
Gföller Marsch Volksweise/Arr. by H. Ferstl
Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän! (Kölnisches Marschlied) Comp. by G. Berbuer/Arr. by G Bauer
Ich Bin Ja Heute So Fidel (Schwipswalzer) Comp. by J. Schmitz/Arr. by G. Bauer
Ich Fahr Mit Meiner Lisa… (Walzerlied) Comp. by J. Schmitz/Arr. by G. Bauer
Jetzt Tanz’ Ma (Walzer-Potpourri) Arr. by H. Ferstl (includes: Zwegn an kling, kling, klang..., Deandl mit’n rotn Miada, Andorfer Plattler, Der verhungerte Schimmel)
Kleine Winzerin Vom Rhein (Walzer) Comp. by H. Sommer/Arr. by G. Bauer
Kornblumenblau (Walzerlied) Comp. by Jussenhofen/Arr. by G. Bauer
Marschierer-Polka (Marsch-Polka) Volksweise/Arr. by H. Ferstl
O Du Wunderschöner Deutscher Rhein… (Walzerpotpourri) Arr. by G. Bauer (includes: Keinen Tropfen im Becher mehr..., Loreley, Es zogen drei Burschen..., etc.)
O Mosella (Walzerlied) Comp. by K. Berbuer/Arr. by G. Bauer
Rehragout (Schottisch) Volksweise/Arr. by H. Ferstl
Rheinlandmädel (Rheinisches Marschlied) Comp. by W. Ostermann/Arr. by G. Bauer
Sternpolka (flotte polka) Volksweise/ H. Ferstl
Tanze Mit Mir In Den Morgen (Mitternachtstango) Comp. by K. Götz/Arr. by K. Pfortner
Waldbauern-Schottisch (gemütliche Polka) Comp. & Arr. by H. Ferstl
Wenn Das Wasser Im Rhein Goldner Wein Wär (Walzerlied) Comp. by W. Stamm/Arr. by G. Bauer
Wer Soll Das Bezahlen? (Walzer) Comp. by J. Schmitz/Arr. by G. Bauer
Wir Kommen Alle In Den Himmel (Walzerlied) Comp. by J. Schmitz/Arr. by G. Bauer
Serenade Wind Band performs traditional American concert band repertoire, German, Spanish and Italian band music along with a mixture of Joplin, Gershwin and Broadway show tunes. If you want something that is not listed-just ask!

For more information about this or other available groups please call Serenade Musical Services at 609-915-4372.

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